Innovation Strategy Session

 One-on-one call with Steve Sponseller (60 minutes) – recorded.

 Identify actions you can take right away to start identifying innovative ideas in your business.

 Our session will cover strategies that are customized for your business.

 You will leave the call with executable strategies to help you increase revenue, gain a competitive edge and position your business as a market leader.

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Innovation Success Blueprint Consulting

Perfect for:  Entrepreneurs and business leaders who are serious about creating a system to identify, develop and protect innovative ideas.

 12 week training/consultation program

 6 private calls with Steve Sponseller (45 minutes each) to design and implement your Innovation Plan – all calls are recorded and sent to you

 Training includes:

  1. Create a Unique Innovation Plan for Your Company – Ignite a creative fire within your organization to produce innovative ideas that are vital to your success.
  2. Discover Innovation Opportunities – Identify “Innovation Seeds” that grow into valuable assets.
  3. Consistently Generate a Flood of Innovative Solutions – Create a steady flow of new ideas that give your company a competitive edge.
  4. Capture and Track Every Innovative Idea – Capture every idea so nothing slips through the cracks.
  5. Evaluate and Implement Key Innovations – Prioritize and implement the best innovative ideas to increase revenue.
  6. Protect Innovative Ideas – Secure intellectual property protection for key innovations to prevent others from copying your unique product features.
  7. Systematize the Innovation Process – Make innovative thinking a daily habit throughout your organization.
  8. Create an Innovation Culture – Build team engagement while developing profitable ideas.

• Innovation Plan Template you can customize for your business.

• Innovation Disclosure Form template to capture every innovative idea.

• Innovation Evaluation Form to analyze and prioritize every idea.

• Checklists for every training topic to streamline the implementation of your own innovation plan.

• Innovation Case Study guide analyzing innovation success stories and lessons learned from these ideas.

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Customized Innovation Packages are also available – Contact me to design a custom Innovation Package that meets the specific needs of your business.