Helping Tech Companies Protect their Proprietary Technology to Create a Competitive Advantage, Attract Investors, and Increase Company Valuation.

Inventions are critical for technology companies to maintain a competitive advantage.  New competitors can "come out of nowhere" with a product that steals market share from well-established companies.  Without a strong patent portfolio, your company is at risk of lost revenue - or worse - due to these competing products.

To build a valuable portfolio of patents, your company needs a system for identifying, evaluating, and protecting the most valuable inventions developed by your team.

Steve is an excellent intellectual property lawyer.  We've worked with Steve over the past twenty years, and continue to work with him.  He is a quick study - in the course of just one meeting, he understands the core concepts of what we are trying to protect. Steve is easy and fun to work with!

Dilip Venkatachari

Chief Information Officer, U.S. Bank

After working with numerous attorneys I was fortunate to be introduced to Steve Sponseller.  What a difference – Steve became an integral team member of our technical staff.  He does his homework and possesses the ability to quickly interpret a specific technology or invention in terms of intellectual property value.

Marketta Silvera

Silicon Valley CEO/Chairman

Steve is trusted by top technology companies to build strong intellectual property portfolios, such as Intel, HP, HyperGrid, Microsoft, eBay, Yazaki, SAP, and Zynga.

I'm Steve Sponseller - an intellectual property attorney and innovation strategist.  For more than 20 years, I have helped technology companies of all sizes create strong and secure patent portfolios that provide a competitive advantage and protect their most valuable assets from being stolen.

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