I help technology companies ​create strong intellectual property portfolios that provide a competitive advantage and protect their most valuable assets from being stolen.

A strong intellectual property portfolio is critical for technology companies, which rely on innovative ideas to survive. I help companies identify and protect broad ideas that can disrupt their industry and position themselves as a market leader. I also help companies implement systems for tracking and evaluating all inventions that assist in creating a diverse intellectual property portfolio that protects the company's core technology and provides defensive protection against overly aggressive competitors.

​I believe that every person on your team has the ability to generate creative ideas – and business leaders need to identify and develop those ideas to grow their business. I have seen abundant creativity by working with entrepreneurs and creative people for over 25 years – as an Electrical Engineer, Intellectual Property ​Attorney and Innovation Strategist. ​By implementing the proper systems, your organization can benefit from the​ collective creativity of your entire team.

My Story

Since I was five years old, I have enjoyed learning how things work and finding better ways to do things. For more than 20 years, I have worked as an Intellectual Property Attorney and Innovation Strategist helping companies develop and protect innovative ideas. I have also worked as an Electrical Engineer for two technology-based startup companies. During the past 25 years, I have worked with more than 1000 ​inventors and business leaders.

When I was a kid, I liked to take things apart to discover how they worked. Then, I would try to put them back together to better understand the operation of the device. Usually, I was given broken appliances and other items to disassemble. Once, when I had run out of broken items, I took apart my mom’s working vacuum cleaner – she was not happy about that​! Fortunately, my dad was an engineer, so he successfully reassembled the vacuum cleaner (and it still worked).

Here I am (second person from the left) when I was six years old experimenting with electricity. I still do that today!

Today, I work with entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them leverage innovative ideas and discover valuable ​inventions hidden throughout their company. I love being part of the creative process and helping companies thrive in their marketplace by identifying, developing, and leveraging innovations. As an entrepreneur myself, I am excited to assist other business leaders in creating a competitive edge in their market, increasing revenue, and positioning the business as a leading innovator.

Personally, I find inspiration when spending time with my wife, kids, and pets. These times help me clear my thoughts and let my subconscious mind work on my own business activities. This does not mean I’m working while spending time with my family – quite the opposite. These enjoyable times produce many great ideas even though I’m not consciously thinking about my business. As you will see in several of my articles, finding your “innovation environment” is critical to active brainstorming sessions as well as subconscious activity.

I also enjoy teaching my kids about innovation, and learning from kids. Children are experts at “thinking outside of the box” – they do not worry about limitations and, instead, believe anything is possible. I’m regularly telling adults to think like children – ignore technical limitations, don’t worry about potential implementation problems or other issues. Instead, think like a kid with no boundaries. Go ahead and design your spaceship with tape and toothpicks for now – you can refine it later!

Start ​Building A Strong Intellectual Property Portfolio Today

My goal is to help business leaders create intellectual property portfolios that provide a barrier to entry for competitors and protects against overly aggressive companies in their industry. Let me know how I can help you implement your own innovation success plan by sending me your questions using the Contact Information on this site.