I help technology companies create strong patent portfolios that create a competitive advantage, attract investors, and increase company valuation.

Over the past 25 years, my InventLock™ process has protected over 1200 inventions and enabled more than 150 tech companies to add over 10 million dollars to their company's value.

A strong patent portfolio is critical for technology companies, which rely on innovative ideas to survive. I help companies identify and protect their most valuable inventions that can disrupt their industry and position themselves as a market leader.

The InventLock™ process enables tech companies to identify, evaluate, and protect their critical inventions. These critical inventions produce a valuable patent portfolio that provides a competitive advantage by protecting the company's core technology and adds defensive protection against overly aggressive competitors.

"Steve is an excellent intellectual property lawyer.  We've worked with Steve over the past twenty years, and continue to work with him.  He is a quick study - in the course of just one meeting, he understands the core concepts of what we are trying to protect. Steve is easy and fun to work with!"

Dilip Venkatachari

Chief Information Officer, U.S. Bank

For more than 25 years, I have worked with over 1000 inventors and business leaders – from startups, such as Snowflake, to the largest technology companies in the world, including Intel, Ford, HP, and Microsoft.

I love being part of the innovation process and helping companies thrive in their marketplace by identifying, developing, and protecting their best innovations.  As an entrepreneur myself, I am excited to assist other business leaders in creating a competitive edge in their market, increasing revenue, and positioning the business as a technology leader.

"After working with numerous attorneys I was fortunate to be introduced to Steve Sponseller.  What a difference – Steve became an integral team member of our technical staff.  He does his homework and possesses the ability to quickly interpret a specific technology or invention in terms of intellectual property value."

Marketta Silvera

Silicon Valley CEO/Chairman

Let me Help you Start Building a Valuable Patent Portfolio Today

  • Identify and protect your most valuable inventions that provide a competitive advantage and increase company valuation
  • Train your team how to identify and evaluate every invention so nothing slips through the cracks
  • Protect the right inventions – use your patent budget to protect high-value inventions and avoid wasting resources on mediocre inventions
  • Develop an innovation culture that creates a steady stream of new inventions while attracting and retaining key employees
  • Leverage your critical inventions to attract investors and get more favorable terms

My goal is to help business leaders create patent portfolios that provide a barrier to entry for competitors and protect against overly aggressive companies in their industry.  A well-designed patent portfolio also attracts investors while attracting and retaining your key employees.

Let’s discuss how I can help you create a strong Patent Portfolio that protects your critical inventions and strengthens your business. 

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