Free InventLock™ Protection Guide for Tech Startups

Discover my 3-step InventLock™ system to identify and protect your most valuable inventions.

You invest significant time, money, and effort developing and launching new products. These products often contain valuable inventions that provide a competitive advantage and increase your company valuation.

This free white paper summarizes my 3-step system that:

  • Identifies all inventions created by your team
  • Evaluates and prioritizes those inventions
  • Protects the right inventions that create a valuable patent portfolio

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The free white paper above provides a brief summary of my InventLock™ system.

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Steve's book helped me understand what I needed to do to protect the inventions in my business. Steve’s expertise allows him to present ideas in a very easy to understand manner that anyone can execute. Based on the training, I am confident that the intellectual property in my business is now protected.

Ken Lovett // CEO, Neuroprima Inc.