Space Tech Leaders Share the Latest Trends and Key Insights to Grow Any Tech Company

The Free Space Tech Innovation event includes:

  • Audio recordings you can listen to on the go.
  • Video recordings for a better connection with each expert.
  • Executive summary of each episode for quick review of key insights.
  • Edited transcripts so you can dig in to find what you're looking for.

Innovation is critical for your tech company to maintain its competitive edge. What happens if your innovation becomes stagnant?

Your products become stagnant and you lose market share.

Where better to jump-start your innovative thinking than successful leaders in the space tech industry?

Imagine attending an event where you could hear cutting edge space tech leaders share their most valuable information about the industry and the types of technology you can use in your own tech business. How much would just one key insight be worth to your company?

But it can be tough to schedule time away to travel to an event. That's why I've done all the work for you.

You get to experience all of this for Free . . . from the comfort of your home or office (or wherever you choose to listen).

Here are just a few of the insights you'll hear from these Space Tech innovators:

  • Sebastian Asprella and Joseph Pawelski describe how space tech companies are creating robots and factories that operate while orbiting the earth. You can apply the innovative approach to creating these systems in your own tech company to create industry-leading products.
  • How to expand or launch your business into the growing space tech industry.
  • Success stories and examples from space tech leaders about what's working today to apply in your own company.
  • Dan Lockney explains why NASA is licensing hundreds of patented inventions for free (or low cost) to commercialize their amazing inventions. And, NASA will even help you getting funding to turn the inventions into new products for your business.

The Space Tech Innovation event brings together leaders and experts who share successful innovation strategies that are creating leading edge products. You can apply these same strategies in your own technology company.

Learn from the successful leaders shown below to bring new innovation techniques to your tech company.

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Shelli Brunswick

Space Foundation


How Space Tech Innovation is Impacting our Daily Lives

Available Now

Sebastian Asprella



Innovation Techniques to Develop and Deploy Cutting Edge Systems in Space

Available Now

Daniel Lockney


Technology Transfer Program Executive

Launch or Grow Your Company with NASA's Patented Inventions

Available Now

Laura Forczyk


Founder & Executive Director

Launching Your Business or Career Into the Space Industry

Available Now

Hunter Williams

Lunar Infrastructure Specialist

Test Strategies that Create Robust Space Systems

Available Now

Joseph Pawelski

CisLunar Industries


Building Space Foundries to Enable the Next Industrial Revolution

Available Now

Shawn Buckley

Sierra Space

Senior Director Engineering

Strengthening your Tech Team with Design Reviews and Mentoring

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Maureen Haverty

Seraphim Space

Investment Vice President

Tips for Funding your

Space Tech Company

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Steve Sponseller

Innovation Strategies, Inc.

President and Patent Strategist

Protecting your Most Valuable Space Tech Inventions

Your Host: Steve Sponseller

Steve is a Patent Strategist helping tech companies protect critical inventions that create a competitive advantage, attract investors, and increase valuation. He is the author of Cracking the Patent Code and the host of the Tech Leader Talk podcast. Steve has interviewed over 100 technology leaders on his podcast and he interviewed all space tech leaders for the Space Tech Innovation event. The Tech Leader Talk podcast is ranked in the top 10% of all podcasts globally.

Over the past 25 years, Steve has helped technology companies identify and protect innovative ideas by working with over 1200 inventors and enabled more than 150 tech companies to add tens of millions of dollars to their company’s value. He has worked with tech companies from startups, such as Snowflake, to Fortune 50 corporations, including Intel, Ford, HP, and Microsoft.

Steve’s mission is to help tech companies identify and protect their most valuable inventions. He has been fascinated with space technology since he was a kid, watching Apollo launches in first grade and launching model rockets in the back yard.

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