Using Data Analysis to Better Represent Reality– Taylor Murphy

On this episode, Taylor Murphy and I talk about analyzing data and his expertise in data engineering.

During his career, Taylor has been leading and building data-informed teams. He describes himself as a scientist, engineer, and data geek who loves pulling data from everywhere to discover meaningful insights hidden in the numbers.

Taylor explains the different types of data analysis and the questions you need to consider before starting any data analysis project. If you don’t answer these preliminary questions, your results may not have any value.

Taylor and I also discuss how organizations can best use their data to make smart business decisions.

I encourage you to listen as Taylor shares valuable tips you can use to grow and strengthen your company.

“Data analysis allows us to better represent reality.” – Taylor Murphy

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

  • Questions to ask before starting a data analysis project
  • The impact of data on people’s lives
  • The difference between descriptive analytics and predictive analytics
  • Finding insights in large sets of data
  • Using manual processing prior to automated data processing

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