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​Intellectual Property Strategy ​​Session

You know that intellectual property is critical to your business. ​

Are you taking the necessary steps to identify and protect your innovative ideas and creative works​, such as articles, website content, PowerPoint slides, video recordings, and product names?

Are you confused about how to use Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents, and Trade Secrets in your business? YES, your business has trade secrets (even if you're not sure what that means!)

As an Intellectual Property Attorney, during the past 20 years I have helped hundreds of businesses ​protect their intellectual property. I can help you:

  • Identify intellectual property assets to protect
  • ​​Determine how ​(and when) to protect different types of intellectual property
  • Take steps to be sure you are the sole owner of all your intellectual property

During ​our session, ​we will review your business and discuss your current procedures for identifying and protecting innovative ideas and creative works. I will help you develop a plan to identify and protect all of your intellectual property ​assets.

How it works

  1. ​Fill out the Intellectual Property Strategy Session questionnaire (see link below).
  2. ​I will review your questionnaire. If it looks like a good fit for a strategy session, I will send you a link to ​my calendar.
  3. ​You schedule a time ​slot on my calendar for 60 minutes and submit your payment.
  4. ​Prior to the call, I will ​review your business based on the information provided in your questionnaire.
  5. ​During our call, I will provide customized strategies for your business and identify actions you can take to ​protect your intellectual property. You will leave the call with a definite plan of action.
  6. ​The call will be recorded and I will ​send you a link to the recording.

​​The cost of a session is $​​750.

Click Here to Fill out the Intellectual Property Strategy Session questionnaire.

​​"Steve is an excellent intellectual property lawyer. We've worked with Steve over the past twenty years, and continue to work with him. He is a quick study - in the course of just one meeting, he understands the core concepts of what we are trying to protect. Steve is easy and fun to work with!"

Dilip Venkatachari

CEO, SageX Solutions