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​Intellectual Property Strategy ​​Session

You know that intellectual property is critical to your business. You may be taking some steps to identify and protect your innovative ideas and creative works.  

But, are you building a strong intellectual property portfolio that properly utilizes copyrights, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets?

As an Intellectual Property Attorney, during the past 20 years I have helped hundreds of businesses build valuable intellectual property portfolios. These portfolios ​provide a competitive advantage​, reduce litigation risks from overly aggressive competitors, and ​present a barrier to entry.

During this session, ​we will review your business and discuss your current procedures for identifying and protecting innovative ideas and creative works. I will identify potential holes in your intellectual property portfolio and suggest actions to improve your portfolio.

How it works

  1. ​Fill out the Intellectual Property Strategy Session questionnaire.
  2. ​I will review your questionnaire. If it looks like a good fit for a strategy session, I will send you a link to ​my calendar.
  3. ​You schedule a time ​slot on my calendar for 60 minutes and submit your payment.
  4. ​Prior to the call, I will spend an hour reviewing your business based on the information provided in your questionnaire.
  5. ​During our call, I will provide customized strategies for your business and identify actions you can take to strengthen your intellectual property portfolio.
  6. ​The call will be recorded and I will ​send you a link to the recording.

​​The cost of a session is $12​00.

Click Here to Fill out the Intellectual Property Strategy Session questionnaire.

​Custom Intellectual Property Consulting Engagements

Customized ​IP Consulting Packages are also available. Contact me to ​discuss a custom ​IP Consulting Package that meets the specific needs of your business.