4 Keys to Leadership Success–Tom Kereszti

Do you want to become a better leader?

On this episode, I am talking with Tom Kereszti, who shares his leadership experiences.

Tom is a former Fortune 500 CEO, an author, a coach, and a leadership mentor. His leadership techniques come from a lifetime of international business experience.

Tom’s book is titled: C-Suite and Beyond – The 4 Keys to Leadership Success. During our discussion, Tom mentionsthe motivation behind his book and explains the most important leadership principles.

During our interview, Tom also talks about mentorship as well as building strong and diverse teams.

“I’ve been a natural leader all my life since I was a kid.” – Tom Kereszti

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

  • Why relationships are so important to leadership
  • Tips on finding a mentor
  • Servant leadership
  • The importance of culture and vision
  • John Maxwell’s leadership approach


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