Artificial Intelligence: A Game-Changer for Marketing – Roy Nallapeta

Roy Nallapeta is a Co-founder and CEO at Glance Inc.  Roy is an engineer, turned into a marketer, who loves creativity and creating copy for marketing. 

Glance Inc. has created a no-code Artificial Intelligence marketing SaaS product (Software as a Service).  This product helps marketers increase their return on investment, decrease acquisition costs, and improve productivity.  He previously founded AdNuance, a digital marketing company, and bootstrapped the business for eight years. 

Being immersed in the problems related to traditional marketing techniques drove Roy to create Glance Inc.

In this episode, Roy and I discuss the new marketing insights being generated based on cloud-based data and artificial intelligence.  We also talk about new tools that will improve marketing insights and results for many companies.

“Marketing can be better if we leverage data technologies.” Roy Nallapeta

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

  • How the cloud is providing new marketing insights
  • Advantages of using a Marketing Graph to optimize your advertising
  • Discover why Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer for marketing
  • Changes that are happening to the traditional advertising funnel

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