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Wendy Covey, C.E.O. and co-founder of TREW Marketing as well as one of ten most innovative entrepreneurs in America named by Wall Street Journal, joins me today to discuss content marketing and how the world of technology has been affected by aspects such as generational trends and the current COVID-19 pandemic.

TREW Marketing is a content marketing agency which serves companies that are seeking to target technological audiences, and, as Wendy discusses, that requires being innovative and human friendly.

Wendy shares how TREW Marketing came to be and what her hopes and fears are for the future of the company as well as the world of technology in general. She discusses what changes technology companies can expect to undergo within the next few years and how the world of technology has been and will continue to be impacted by changes in generational social behavior, something that she believes that effective leaders need to be able to keep up with. She, for example, hopes that technology companies will move away from the trend of being ahead in their solutions but behind in their operations, and she stresses how important that it is for technology entrepreneurs to know their audiences. She also approves, however, of how companies seem to be catering more toward their employees and providing benefits such as profit sharing and flexibility in hours.

We also discuss what impacts the current pandemic have had on technology companies and how the need for changes with how things are done has generally been more challenging for baby boomers but a smoother transition for millennials, and Wendy shares what plans are on the horizon within TREW Marketing for 2021. Be sure to check out TREW Marketing and what they are up to, and also be sure to subscribe to Tech Leader Talk so that you never miss an episode!


Time Stamps

[0:07] – Steve introduces this episode’s guest, Wendy Covey, and tells us her credentials in the field of technology.

[1:23] – Wendy enthusiastically expounds upon her background, telling us a little bit about herself such as how her degree is in journalism and marketing and how she started her company TREW Marketing.

[4:06] – We learn about Wendy’s fishing hobby and how she has a record for longest fish ever caught.

[5:13] – Wendy discusses what trends she predicts will affect technology companies within the next few years and how digital and online content is becoming more and more essential.

[7:47] – Steve and Wendy converse about how the current pandemic has had social consequences on the world in general but especially the world of technology.

[9:35] – We hear Wendy explain what impacts new trends are having on traditional content marketing.

[11:17] – Wendy defines what makes a good, successful technology leader to her, such as knowing their target audience and innovating accordingly.

[13:08] – Wendy talks about what worries her most about where the technology industry is headed, affirming that there needs to be a balance between efficiency and human interaction.

[14:26] – Wendy stresses how crucial that it is to assess your audience demographics before catering to them.

[16:52] – We learn what technologists can do if they have good technical knowledge but don’t enjoy and/or aren’t skilled at writing, such as collaborating with someone who is a skilled writer.

[19:09] – Wendy enthuses over being an optimistic person and details what she is hopeful for regarding the future of technology.

[21:28] – Wendy advises that it’s important to share knowledge with other companies and be collaborative.

[24:18] – Wendy shares what her plans for 2021 are at TREW Marketing.

[26:20] – We discover how we can find Wendy online and learn more about her.


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