Digitization in Today’s Times

Jerry Abiog of Standard Insights joins me in this episode as we discuss the need for digitization in the world of technology, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jerry helps develop artificial intelligence for companies, especially for restaurants, and he even helped develop digital menus driven by artificial intelligence for companies, which was temporarily shelved until the pandemic increased the need for it.

Jerry predicts that that need for digitization is not going away in the future and that it will, in fact, continue to rise, something that more and more companies need to recognize and act on if they want to stay in business. He stresses the importance of companies putting the customers first before all else and listening to what they have to say, be it positive or negative feedback. He also advises us that it’s important for us to learn to be personally and professionally uncomfortable because that discomfort leads to growth.

Jerry also discusses his hopes and fears regarding the future and what his future plans are for Standard Insights, hoping to expand what they do for restaurants. Feel free to reach out to him via one of the several contact methods that he provides, and remember to subscribe to Tech Leader Talk so that you never miss an episode!


Time Stamps

[0:07] – Steve introduces this episode’s guest, Jerry Abiog, and gives us some of his credentials.

[1:05] – Jerry further details his background, such as how he has twenty-five years of experience in sales and marketing.

[3:43] – Jerry predicts what kinds of impacts artificial intelligence is going to have over the next few years, talking about how COVID has called for more digitization.

[5:47] – Jerry stresses the importance of listening to your customers.

[7:30] – We learn that Jerry did some research in advance to get an idea of what would bring in customers.

[9:33] – Jerry discusses his fears regarding the future of technology, giving Blockbuster as an example of a company that came to an end because it didn’t get on board with new technology.

[11:21] – Jerry makes predictions about what restaurants are going to have to do to stay afloat in the current COVID-19 pandemic, such as using contactless menus.

[13:36] – Jerry explains that concessions at ball games eventually won’t accept cash as a form of payment and theorizes why that is.

[15:23] – We learn how Jerry comes up with innovating ideas that sets his company apart.

[16:25] – Jerry looks toward the future, hoping that people will use difficult times like this pandemic as opportunities to learn and grow.

[17:59] – Jerry reiterates the crucial importance of listening to customers and their feedback.

[20:23] – Jerry and Steve agree that getting a sale is just the first step because you want your customer to be happy so that they’ll come back to you.

[21:15] – Jerry offers some tips, such as learning to be personally and professionally uncomfortable because that’s when you grow.

[23:58] – Jerry shares how he and his company are looking to expand in the restaurant space.

[25:53] – We discover where online we can find and get in touch with Jerry.


Links and Resources

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Malcolm Gladwell – The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference

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Jerry’s Email Address – jerry@standardinsights.io

Steve Sponseller – Website

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