Funding Strategies for Tech Companies– Melissa Widner

Are you confused about funding options for your tech company?

On this episode of Tech Leader Talk, I am talking with Melissa Widner. She is the CEO of Lighter Capital, which is a leader in revenue-based financing.

Melissa has experience as a founder with multiple exits, an angel investor, and a VC investor. This gives her an interesting perspective on how to fund startups.

On this episode, Melissa and I discuss different types of funding options for tech startups – and the advantages & disadvantages of each option.

We also talk about revenue-based financing and when that’s a good option to consider.

And, Melissa shares her thoughts on when founders should consider bootstrapping their business.

“Startup entrepreneurs are the most fascinating people on the planet.” –Melissa Widner

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

  • Different funding options for tech startups – and how to choose the best option
  • Raising capital without giving up equity or control
  • How to raise capital in today’s business environment
  • When should you consider revenue-based financing
  • Bootstrapping your tech startup

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