How tech leaders can avoid burnout – Lisa Duerre

On this episode, I have a wonderful conversation with Lisa Duerre.

Lisa is a former Silicon Valley executive on a mission: She ignites leaders in the tech world to get fantastic results, build high-performing teams, and be present for the moments that matter without burning out.

Lisa has worked in various roles, such as a CEO, Executive Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, Leadership Advisor, Podcast Host, and Author. She has helped over 25,000 employees get faster results at work, make a bigger impact, and be better business leaders. Lisa is passionate about showing leaders the way to lead with their head and their heart.

“Burnout is a billion dollar problem in the United States.” – Lisa Duerre

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

– Why great leaders align their head and heart

– How to avoid burnout

– Tips for rebooting to reduce stress and increase productivity

– How to attract and retain employees

Resources Mentioned:

Book: Conversations Worth Having by Jackie Stavros and Cheri Torres
Podcast: Ctrl Alt Del with Lisa Duerre Link:

Connect with Lisa Duerre:



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