Innovative Technology for Printing on Walls– Paul Baron

Are you following your passion?

On today’s episode, I have a fun conversation with Paul Baron where Paul talks about the importance of following your passion.

Paul is the CEO of The Wall Printer, which produces printers that can print vertically. He started his career as a high school teacher, then became an entrepreneur who has started several businesses.

In addition to running The Wall Printer, Paul serves as a mentor at the Univ. of North Carolina – Wilmington and at their Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He also serves on advisory boards at non-profit organizations and privately held businesses.

On this episode, Paul and I discuss his thoughts on mentoring and how he has developed creative teams at high-tech startups.

“To have the best opportunity for success, you need to learn which hats (activities) you like to wear and the ones you don’t like to wear. Then move towards the activities you enjoy and that benefit the stakeholders.” –Paul Baron

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

  • Tips for developing creative teams in high-tech startups
  • Attracting and retaining great employees
  • Lessons learned from being a mentor
  • Making the jump from high school teacher to entrepreneur
  • Following your passion

Demo Video of The Wall Printer in action:

Connect with Paul Baron:

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