Leading Innovation at IBM– Nick Donofrio

Are you moving fast enough?

On today’s episode, I have a wonderful discussion with Nick Donofrio, who has spent most of his life as a technology leader. Although Nick had countless accomplishments, he wonders if he was moving fast enough.

Nick worked in various roles at IBM for 44 years. During that time, he redefined innovation at IBM and initiated worldwide collaboration for the company.

Nick was the first Executive Vice President of Innovation and Technology at IBM. And, he was named one of Business Week’s 25 top innovation champions.

Nick is the author of the book: If Nothing Changes, Nothing Changes. The book discusses how Nick and others led IBM’s global technical team.

During our discussion, Nick talks about how Innovation played an important role in IBM’s transformation during his 44 years at the company.

I’m sure you will enjoy this discussion (and get some tips for your own business, like I did) as Nick shares his knowledge and experiences during his many years at IBM.

“Transforming IBM into an innovation company was all about value creation.” –Nick Donofrio

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

  • How IBM was transformed into an innovation company
  • Helping your team members be more successful
  • The role of Nick’s mom in his career

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