Robotic systems won’t replace people – Ginny Foster

On this episode, Ginny Foster and I discuss robotics, industrial automation, and safety issues related to robots.

Ginny is an Electrical Engineer who helps people scale manufacturing operations with robotics.

She serves as Market Development Manager at Neff Power,an industrial automation distributorand robotics partner with locations across the United States.

Ginny has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Saint Louis University and a degree in Spanish from Washington University in Saint Louis. She is a certified Project Management Professional, and is passionate about developing relationships and solving problems.

“Robots do not replace people. Robots replace tasks.” – Ginny Foster

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

– How companies can start implementing robotic systems
– Will robots replace people
– The four Ds of robotics (tasks that are best for robots)
– The future of robotics and artificial intelligence

Resources Mentioned:

Book: Mindset by Carol Dweck

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