Should Technology Be Putting People First?

Welcome to the newly launched Tech Leader Talk podcast, hosted by yours truly, Steve Sponseller. The Tech Leader Talk podcast will highlight technology company leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts and will give them a platform to share their successes, challenges, and even some of their failures during their time in the technology industry. We talk about what seems to be working right now so that we can build on what we know for a better future and also so that you can learn about how to build upon your own business(es), lessons that will be learned from guests’ successes and failures.

In the first episode of Tech Leader Talk, I warmly welcome Stephanie Frank and Bryce Kuhlman as my very first guests. Stephanie and Bryce both have long histories with the world of technology and are the co-founders of The Holisec Group, a company that seeks to create technology that puts people and the human experience first. Stephanie and Bryce share their stories about how they each came to be involved in the world of technology as well as how they came to meet and know each other and build the business partnership that they now have. They talk about their hopes and fears about the future of the world of technology and where it’s headed, and they both discuss how important it is that technology leaders put people first, as they themselves do within The Holisec Group.

Stephanie and Frank also share with us news of their current project – My Calmpanions. My Calmpanions are aptly named artificially intelligent teddy bears meant to promote calmness and peace of mind for people. Be sure to visit the My Calmpanions website for more information about that project, and please be sure to subscribe to the Tech Leader Talk podcast so that you never miss an episode.


Time Stamps

[0:07] – Steve introduces himself and welcomes us to the first episode of the podcast, explaining what the premise of the podcast will be from here on out.

[0:55] – Steve introduces this episode’s guests, Stephanie Frank and Bryce Kuhlman, and details their credentials and their experience working in the field of technology.

[2:08] – Stephanie provides us with further insight about her background and how she got started in the world of technology, which she says started as somewhat of an accident.

[4:11] – We learn a little bit about Stephanie’s educational background and how that led to a career of cyber-intelligence.

[5:03] – Bryce tells us a little bit about his background and how he started out as a magician but then eventually got involved in technology because he liked to tinker with and make things.

[6:06] – We find out how Bryce received an education in engineering, physics, and robotics and how that led to his becoming a certified rocket scientist.

[8:14] – Bryce responds to Steve’s question about what kind of impacts technology can expect to see within the next couple of years, commenting on artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

[9:43] – Stephanie elaborates upon how the current COVID-19 pandemic will likely affect people’s behavior and psychology which will in turn affect technology.

[11:09] – Stephanie, Bryce, and Steve all discuss the relationship between technology and anonymity.

[12:19] – Stephanie discusses why some entrepreneurs in the technology industry are successful while others are not, iterating the importance of a consistent vision.

[15:06] – We learn that Stephanie and Bryce both agree that being in a field of technology should not be financially driven but should be about fulfilling others’ lives.

[17:18] – Stephanie reveals that she didn’t originally know that technology was her destined path but realized that technology had the powerful potential to help people.

[18:43] – Bryce expresses his worries regarding the world of technology, lamenting that there are many people’s voices and ideas that are not being heard.

[19:23] – Stephanie agrees with Bryce but adds that she worries about technologists manipulating consumers.

[22:06] – Stephanie is optimistic that technology will be used for good and the betterment of humanity, and Bryce agrees, adding that technology allows people from all over the world to come together.

[23:14] – We discover how Stephanie and Bryce met and became co-founders of The Holisec Group.

[25:07] – Stephanie explains that she and Bryce are currently working on a project known as My Calmpanions, artificially intelligent teddy bears that promote calmness and peace of mind for people.

[27:57] – Stephanie offers advice to other technology leaders, stressing how important that it is to be truthful at all times.

[30:16] – Bryce agrees with Stephanie but adds that it’s also essential to be willing to collaborate with others.

[32:13] – Stephanie tells us where we can find her and Bryce online.


Links and Resources

The Holisec Group – Website

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Steve Sponseller – Website

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