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In this solo episode, I talk about patent filing deadlines that are important to tech companies and inventors.

There are three important activities that automatically trigger a 12-month deadline in the United States for filing a patent application to protect your invention. In most situations, if you miss this deadline, you forfeit the ability to protect the invention. This often means your competitors can freely use that invention in their products because you can’t protect it with a patent.

Unfortunately, many business leaders are unaware of this deadline and inadvertently lose patent rights to their inventions.

Too often, I’ve had to tell company leaders, “It’s too late to protect your invention.”

Listen to this episode so you understand the deadlines and make an informed business decision before forfeiting your patent rights.

Today on the Tech Leader Talk podcast:

The three activities that trigger a 12-month patent filing deadline:

– Public disclosure of the invention

– Sale of a product that contains the invention

– An offer to sell a product that contains the invention


– Identify all of the three triggering activities.

– If the invention is valuable to your business, file a patent application BEFORE the 12 month deadline.


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