How are you Celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Week?

Did you forget about this important event?

Maybe you’ve never even heard of World Creativity and Innovation Week? If so, you’re not alone 🙂

It’s a real event and celebrates creative thinking and innovation throughout the world.

So, now that you know about World Creativity and Innovation Week (April 15-21), here are some ideas for creative activities:

1. Exercise your creativity in a new environment. Get out of your home or office and go to a new place – a new store, coffee shop, park or hiking trail. Spend time in this new environment doing some creative thinking. Consider solutions to a problem you are facing at home or at work, think about new ideas for your business or think about how to improve the lives of others.

2. Start a conversation with a friend or co-worker to discuss creative ideas. This can be a planned activity or an impromptu discussion. Think of this as a mini brainstorming session. Discuss a common interest you share with the other person and think about ways to spend more time enjoying that common interest.

3. Identify a common trend and think about the changes that will be caused by the trend over the next few years. What kind of changes can you (or your business) start making now to benefit from that trend and make your life or your business more successful and more enjoyable.
Personally, I’m doing all three of the above activities this week:

– I have visited a new park and enjoyed a relaxing walk through the woods. Once I got out of my office and was surrounded by nothing but trees and fresh air, my mind started exploding with new ideas.

– I enjoyed discussions with several friends about my upcoming business activities and brainstormed how to improve those activities.

– I am making use of the growing trend of online learning and online courses. I am developing a new online course that will teach entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and others how to protect their intellectual property. I still have plenty of work to complete this course, but I made significant progress this week. Keep watch for my official announcement of the course within the next two weeks.

What one action can you take to celebrate World Creativity and Innovation Week and make a positive impact on your life or your business?

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