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Remarkable Leadership In A Remote World – Kevin Eikenberry

Do you want to be a Remarkable Leader?

That’s what Kevin Eikenberry is discussing on this episode of the podcast.  Kevin is the Chief Potential Officer of The Kevin Eikenberry Group and the Co-Founder of the Remote Leadership Institute.  He has spent 30 years helping organizations and leaders from over 40 countries become more effective. has twice named him as one of the top 100 Leadership and Management Experts in the World. 

Kevin has written several books on leadership, including his latest book The Long-Distance Teammate

Today we will be talking about how leaders and other team members need to adapt to the new working environments caused by the remote working world.  Kevin manages his own team of remote workers and shares tips for thriving in remote and hybrid work environments.Continue reading

Having Empathy in the Tech World

Join me as I interview Joshua Walker who has quite the inspirational story to share which he also shares in detail in his new book Venti Fried Chicken. Josh used to work in the military and was essentially homeless at one point but is now thriving in the tech world. His story is also inspirational because even though he is a Cloud engineer, he has also been involved in leadership groups in Orlando and is currently Vice President of one such group that is aiming to get 10,000 minorities into the world of technology by 2025, so he doesn’t just stay in a cubicle for sixteen hours a day. He is active in his community working to make a real difference!

Josh was actually already working remotely prior to the COVID-19 pandemic but is now, like many of us, working strictly remotely, and he discusses what that has been like and how remote work is going to continue to change the world, especially the tech world. He also provides some advice on how to make remote work especially effective in today’s age, and he offers his opinion regarding what makes people in the tech industry successful, saying that it’s important to have empathy for yourself because the world of technology is a world that requires skill. He also, however, lives by the open mindset that anyone can become involved in the world of technology because there are so many different aspects of it which is how he goes about getting people involved in the technology sector – appealing to their individualized interests.Continue reading

The Serving Mindset: Stop Selling and Grow Your Business

I first became familiar with my guest today when I heard her on another podcast a couple of years ago and her message resonated with me. Farnoosh Brock takes a unique approach to selling in her book The Serving Mindset: Stop Selling and Grow Your Business. Farnoosh went from being an electrical engineer and leader at a fortune 100 company to being a coach, speaker, author, and trainer. She believes in the power of changing our conversations from selling to serving.

Farnoosh noticed over time as an electrical engineer that even though she was good at her job, she didn’t get much enjoyment or fulfillment out of her position. She realized that she wanted to work with people and build relationships, and she also realized that she didn’t want to work for anyone and instead wanted to be an entrepreneur.Continue reading

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

Join me as I talk to Lomit Patel (author of the book Lean AI: How Innovative Startups Use Artificial Intelligence to Grow, startup advisor, public speaker, and Vice President of Growth at IMVU) in this episode of the Tech Leader Talk podcast as he discusses how he got involved in the world of technology and came to work with IMVU. Lomit discusses how he was fascinated with the opportunity to work on products and services that had the potential to have huge impacts on how people live across the world. This positive outlook on technology has, in fact, stayed with Lomit for a long while, as he predicts that, with it always changing, technology is going to continue to be a means to solve problems and find better solutions to problems. The effort to have put forth a COVID-19 vaccine, as he points out, is a perfect example of this.Continue reading

Digitization in Today’s Times

Jerry Abiog of Standard Insights joins me in this episode as we discuss the need for digitization in the world of technology, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jerry helps develop artificial intelligence for companies, especially for restaurants, and he even helped develop digital menus driven by artificial intelligence for companies, which was temporarily shelved until the pandemic increased the need for it.Continue reading

Learning Tech Speak

If you are a business leader in need of learning technology jargon, then Tech Speak for Entrepreneurs might just be for you! Join me as I interview Nelly Yusupova, the founder of Tech Speak, in this episode of Tech Leader Talk as she shares how she got involved in the technology world, initially believing that computer science would merely teach her how to use Word and Excel more efficiently (which, of course, led to a big surprise in store for her).

Continue reading

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Remote Work

Aman Agarwal, founder and president of Sanpram Transnational (an executive education company), joins me in this episode of Tech Leader Talk to discuss how he got into the world of technology and kickstarted Sanpram. Aman, a former engineer and passionate teacher and writer, has a degree in engineering and started in sales, eventually moving his way up to bigger companies. Because of a troubling knowledge gap and cultural gap that he observed in the technology world, Aman started Sanpram Transnational, which seeks to close that gap by educating business leaders in technological matters.

Aman also shares with us what trends he thinks will have the biggest impacts on the technology world over the next couple of years, such as remote work resulting in more diversity in the workforce developing. In his opinion, business leaders in the technology world need to make sure that the need to work remotely is not detrimental to humanity, and they ought to focus on the pros of remote work and work on improving upon the cons.Continue reading

The Rise of Digital Humanity

This is a special episode of Tech Leader Talk because this episode officially makes the podcast an international podcast! For the first time, I welcome a guest who lives overseas – Sean G. Muller of New Zealand! Sean, although originally from the United States, currently works what he identifies as his dream job for IBM in New Zealand.

Sean’s background is in network engineering and network architecture and describes his experience entering the world of technology as having fallen into the role rather than having taken an academic path. Having taken a part-time job at Ericsson Telecommunications National Headquarters in Richardson, Texas (before, of course, moving to New Zealand where he is currently), technology sort of unexpectedly became his career.

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Should Technology Be Putting People First?

Welcome to the newly launched Tech Leader Talk podcast, hosted by yours truly, Steve Sponseller. The Tech Leader Talk podcast will highlight technology company leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts and will give them a platform to share their successes, challenges, and even some of their failures during their time in the technology industry. We talk about what seems to be working right now so that we can build on what we know for a better future and also so that you can learn about how to build upon your own business(es), lessons that will be learned from guests’ successes and failures.
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